About Us

Dr. Debbie Torraca

Board-Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist

Deb has been engaged in small animal physical rehabilitation for over twenty five years, and has been teaching on the topic of small animal rehabilitation and conditioning for over twenty years. Her clinic, Wizard of Paws Physical Rehabilitation and Conditioning, LLC is located in Colchester, CT and she sees an array of dogs from all walks of life for both rehabilitative and conditioning services. She is widely published in both the veterinarian and canine fitness community.


Tara Monahan


My background is in education, dog training, and entrepreneurship. I initially entered into the world of canine conditioning in 2015, when I became part of the first cohort of CPCFT graduates. At the time I owned a dog training facility, and I was excited to incorporate my newfound knowledge into my business by offering group classes, private sessions, and seminars. However, about 8 months after receiving the certification I shattered my leg in an unfortunate accident, and as a result of the extensive time required to heal from multiple surgeries, I needed to close the dog training facility.

I was heartbroken…but I took the part of the business that I had quickly become passionate about, canine conditioning, and created a home-based business that would allow my leg to heal but still keep me actively practicing my new skills. This new business was Canine Fitness Innovations. Over time it has grown into a new, larger location, and I now offer a wide variety of services and educational opportunities both in person and online, including canine conditioning, massage, kinesiology taping, and structure and gait analysis.

Recently, I expanded into CFI EDU, where I offer my services as an education consultant. The goal of CFI EDU is to collaborate with other businesses to develop and refine their content, thoughtfully and effectively incorporate technology, work through the curriculum management process, and integrate thoughtful design into seminars, webinars, and courses.


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