Why Choose to be a CPCFT?

The CPCFT program is a year-long, comprehensive program that thoroughly prepares students to enter the field of canine fitness/canine conditioning professionally. By offering quality programming, ongoing support, and individualized feedback from experienced instructors, we ensure participants are fully prepared to enter the canine conditioning industry and begin teaching dog/handler teams safely, confidently, and effectively. Our goal is to ensure each of the participants graduates with a quality education and the preparation needed to make your mark on the industry.

What is a CPCFT?
A CPCFT is an acronym for a Certified Professional Canine Fitness Trainer.  This is a certification, indicating an individual has successfully completed the course work, the case studies, and has passed the examination.  Please note it is a certification and not a licence to work with animals.  It is paramount that each individual researches their individual state or province practice acts to determine if they may work with animals directly.  

What is the role of a CPCFT?
The goal of canine conditioning is to improve a dog’s strength, balance, flexibility, and proprioception, thereby restoring or enhancing their mobility, health and performance.  CPCFTs are not qualified to diagnose or treat injuries, illness, or disease.  The role of a  CPCFT is to provide services which are complementary to regular veterinary care, to act as a resource to improve the quality of life of dogs, and to educate the public so they can recognize early indications of areas of concern and follow up with their veterinarian or other professional care provider. 

Who do CPCFTs work with?
CPCFTs may work independently with a variety of dogs, as long as the dog is cleared by the veterinarian, or they may work in collaboration with a veterinarian or rehab professional.  A close working relationship with the owner, dog, and referring veterinarian (and perhaps rehab team) will assist the CPCFT with successfully developing a plan to meet the dog and owner’s short and long term goals. 

What does the CPCFT Program offer?
Our learning system combines evidence-based best practice principles with modern technology to prepare our graduates to enter the canine fitness field with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to safely and effectively influence the quality of life for dog and handler teams worldwide.

What Makes Us Unique

  • Experienced instructors, each known worldwide for their knowledge, experience, and commitment to canine conditioning and education.

  • Innovative use of technology to present content, reinforce learning, and provide formative and summative assessment.

  • A comprehensive approach that goes far beyond conditioning, and is designed to help participants either build a successful business or effectively support a current business.

  • Consistent application of formative assessment.

  • Comprehensive programming and assessment spread over a year term to foster understanding and integration.

  • Detailed feedback and support throughout the course.

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